Transport and shipping

In 2018 Tesko Steel sp. z o.o. took over “Koltrans” Logistics Logistics sp. z o.o. - the oldest shipping company in Rybnik - along with the entire transport base. This allowed to start our own shipping services with nearly 90 truck tractors equipped with ultralights trailers for transportation of materials produced in the Steel Service Centre.

 Therefore, Tesko Steel sp. z o.o. offers additional service by providing our customers with deliveries “just in time” and operates fully independent from external carriers, which has greatly improved the timeliness and quality of both our products and services and enabled rapid delivery of our products virtually anywhere throughout Poland and Europe.

 Our fleet is characterized by new sets allowing for transportation of materials and products made of steel max. up to 27 tons thanks to our ultralight trailers from Berger Austria. This significantly affects the efficiency and contributes to reduction of costs associated with delivery and transport of our products.