About us

Our offer includes products of the utmost quality which is guaranteed by appropriate storage and warehousing (halls, shelters) as well as thorough selection of our suppliers. We strive for continuous upgrading of our warehouse part and expanding our staff with appropriate specialists, which guarantees the highest level of service and professional technical advice in the field of materials offered.


Providing a competent team of traders combined with a wide range of products at your disposal, we wish you every success in dealing with TESKO STEEL.


History of Tesko Steel



Tesko, a wholesaler of steel mill products, was established in 1996 in Knurów. The initial goal of the company was the purchase and sale of receivables, however, along with new experience and a highly-developed sense of orientation within the environment, the company took in the trade of steel mill products. Development our own work tactics based on the principle of partnership, and understood by us as a reliable and professional service rendered to contractors, had a significant impact on the company’s rapid development.


After two years of operation, Tesko launched - in Rybnik at Żorska Street - a warehouse which allowed to maintain a high level of current inventory. In the same year, the company signed numerous dealership agreements with Czech and Slovak companies for the import of steel products in the following range: black square and rectangular profiles, black pipes and galvanized seamed pipes, hot-rolled sections and hot-rolled metal sheets. Import products constitute the backbone of the trade assortment maintained at the level of 80%. At the same time, Tesko worked with a number of national partners and sought to ensure a full range of steel products from different manufacturers.


In 1999, we were awarded with title of “Fair Play Business” which proves that we follow the rules of business ethics and fair play. That same year, in August, we joined the Polish Union of Steel Distributors after obtaining reliability references from other member companies.


In 2002, the company’s headquarters was moved to Rybnik along with the sales department. Aferwards, the new warehouse was opened at Brzezińska Street. As a result of the organizational changes, the company established a logistic center effectively supported by a transport base (10 vehicles with a capacity of 25 tons each). Assortment under continuous sale reaches a value of 10-13 million PLN, thanks to which Tesko ensures short delivery times and order fulfillment. It is also worth mentioning that prices of import products are at a level lower than their national counterparts.


We were certified in 2004 with Quality Management System according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2000, which concerns the introduction and application of quality management systems in the field of retail and wholesale of metallurgical products.


In 2005, we received the prestigious award from Dziennik Puls Biznesu and thus gained the title of “Business Gazelle”, which means that we were accepted among the fastest growing companies in recent years.


Our contractors include both domestic and foreign companies. For this reason, we decided to change, and actually complement, the name of the company. We have been operating as TESKO STEEL since 2006.


In autumn 2007, we launched our Steel Service Centre which is the most modern line for cutting sheet metal from coils.

Monthly capacity of the line amounts to 14,000 tons!


Start of the expansion of the existing Steel Service Centre manufacturing plant.


The launch of slitting line no.2.


Launch of cross cutting line no. 3 to a thickness of 25 mm.


Beginning of an investment and start of the expansion of a new part of the plant with an area of 9 hectares.


Purchase of the fourth line for cross cutting and start of production of forms as well as diamond and trapezoid metal sheets in the new part of the plant.


Purchase of a transport base in Rybnik and launch of forwarding and logisticbusiness of daughter-company Tesko Steel Logistic sp. z o.o.



The purchase of 85 sets of tractors with ultralight trailers and the launch of Tesko Steel Logistic sp. z o.o.



Purchase of the fifth line for slitting along with an automatic packaging machine for the production of copper strips as well as aluminum and zinc-coated sheets.



Completion of the first phase of Steel Service Centre and adaptation of a new object along with a new office building as well as achievement of full capacity at a level of 500,000 tons per year.


Start of the construction of the second stage along with the expansion of the Steel Service Centre and the purchase of the sixth production line to increase production capacity to up to 750,000 tons per year.