Line ACP I for cross cutting


Line technical parameters


Sheet metal parameters

Maximum coil weight 35 t

Maximum width 400 - 2000 mm

Maximum range 400 - 6100 mm

Nominal thickness range (cold-rolled sheets) 0,4 -3 mm

Nominal thickness range (hot-rolled sheets) 1,5 -6 mm




All processes are tracked by automated lines. Both the cutting tolerance (0.1 mm) and the force and the surface after cutting, which is further checked by the laser that automatically rejects sheets that do not meet flatness standards and dimensions set prior to cutting. The laying process is conducted automatically in a wrapper machine while the process of weighing the finished material after cutting is performed on digital scales installed in the machine's packer.

We are able to guarantee the highest quality of the material after cutting both cold- and hot-rolled sheets.



Production capabilities

The line is able to cut up to 8-10 thousand tons of material with the parameters listed above on a monthly basis. 




ACP I Line for cross cutting - photo gallery